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RB084 Son of Sam - Âme Remix

Skreeeetch…. De Lorean skidmarks scratching the tarmac. It is 1984 all over again. The most freshestest sound ever - even fresher now. As this is the Sam with the golden Ame! Rough electro boogieness in High Definition. What happened? Running Back, the Goonies of the clublands, unearthed a treasure from the UK Eighties art funk vaults: Nature Makes A Mistake - written and produced by Chris Bishop, originally released on the cassette sampler “Sex & Bestiality”, Bain Total, something so much more Streetsounds than Thoughtcrime which was restored and remastered for vinyl in 2010. After that the little diamond was given the treatment by those ueber-couturiers of electrical bliss-dom: Ame (teaming-up with Marcel Dettmann in the mix). The result is probably one of the greatest Ame efforts ever, maintaining the spirit of the original and teleporting it onto the dance floors of the 21st century, the age this piece of futurist art always was destined to have its true rightful place in time.

Words by kk.